BENEFIT Services


BENEFIT Services via its OFFKARTA product currently offers the most complex solution of employee benefits. Compared to the competition, this card offers unsurpassed flexibility, customer service and fully customized products. The service portfolio includes a line of products including vouchers, discount cards, cafeteria – a portal for benefits or the organization of various team-building and special events.



  • Assign a portion of call center capacity to continuously contact retailers and employers
  • Secure and coordinate the rebranding of the OFFKARTA product
  • Divide the project into a number of acquisition phases by segments and regions
  • Consultation to ease understanding of the product
  • Establish sales support and customer service
  • Promotions and marketing at sporting, relaxation and educational events



  • Establishment of the product on the market
  • More than 1000 accepting locations in the first three acquisition months
  • More than 500 Discount Card or voucher holders per month
  • Partnership with the international Slovakman 113 and Slovakman 226 triathlon events and other events to develop and educate young people.
  • Rebranding of more than 75% of shops marked with the OFFKARTA logo.
  • Continuous sales and customer line support with the longest working hours
  • Sales representation in every regional capital city
  • Negotiations with key retail chains