VÚB Bank


The bank is the second largest bank in Slovakia with its more than 1.2 million clients and market share of around 20%. VÚB banka was formed in 1.1.1990 from the commercial activities for corporate clients in the Slovak Republic from the former State Bank of Czechoslovakia. The Italian banking group IntesaBci (today Intesa Sanpaolo) acquired a majority stake in VÚB in 2001.

VÚB Banka is active in both Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The bank has 209 branches and 11 mortgage centers across Slovakia. Since 2006 VÚB has held the exclusive license for issuing American Express cards. It has also secured card processing since 2009.



Develop the acceptance of American Express cards; follow market changes, migration of retailers between individual banks, strength the network of accepting retailers in shopping centers, the centers of large cities and in tourism centers.



  • Manage the sales team of POS specialists
  • Regular audits of points of sale
  • Coordination of the implementation of points of sale



  • Accepting retailer network grow
  • Complete audits of functionality and visibility at all shopping centers in Slovakia on a biannual basis