Edenred is the global and Slovak market leader in the field of voucher systems and solutions for employee meal, benefit and motivation solutions. In addition to meal vouchers, the company offers a number of motivational, benefit and gift vouchers. You can select from among Ticket Compliments®, Ticket Energy®, Ticket Holiday®, Ticket medica®, Ticket Academica®, Ticket Multi® or Ticket Compliments Travel® (a unique voucher good across the globe). Edenred (previously Accor Services) has been active in Slovakia for more than 17 years. In 2010, the name and logo changed from Accor Services to Edenred based on the planned spinoff of the Accor Hotels and Accor Services (Prepaid Services) divisions.



Respond to the needs of employees to use their benefits and gift vouchers in central and eastern Slovakia.



  • Temporary reinforcement of representation in central and eastern Slovakia.
  • Elaboration of the existing database of retailers



  • 1636 signed contracts over the course of 5 months
  • Cultural, sporting, relaxation, beauty and education retailers and service providers