Edenred is a leader in solutions for employee motivation and meal services. Both classic and electronic form products and services keep pace with the continuous development and introduction of innovative solutions in this field. The main products are Ticket Restaurant and Ticket Restaurant Card meal vouchers. Edenred (previous Accor Services) has been active in Slovakia for more than 17 years. Since 2010, the name and logo changed from Accor Services to Edenred based on the planned spinoff of the Accor Hotels and Accor Services (Prepaid Services) divisions.



Build a network of accepting retailers in Bratislava, regional capitals and district cities for the Ticket Restaurant Card /TRC/ as quickly as possible so as to develop the TRC into the first electronic meal voucher card in Central Europe. The task was also to ensure the visibility and functionality of the product



  • Leverage the experience, expertise, contacts, trust and good name of the Vigen Services sales team with food service and grocery retailers
  • Define an acquisition plan based on the key task
  • Empower the sales team to sign contracts
  • Training the sales team for TRC application functionality at POS terminals for card activation
  • Connect acquisitions to implementation



  • TRC became the first electronic meal voucher card on the market
  • TRC has the largest acceptance network in Slovakia compared to competitors
  • 100% functionality and product visibility were secured
  • Negotiations with key segment retailers (e.g. Coop Jednota, Presto group, etc.)