VÚB Bank


Selects is an international marketing program from American Express that has been successfully launched in 37 countries across the world. This program is a range of offers from the best retailers in various segments offering competitive benefits to American Express cardholders. Such a benefit may be a discount or an exclusive service for American Express cardholders.



Improve the quality and overall perception of the SELECTS program from American Express cardholders and to make a wider range of discounts available while guaranteeing quality and up-to-date benefits. Increase the attractiveness and willingness to pay using AMEX cards and to bring AMEX cardholders the “feeling of exceptionality”. Building awareness of the AMEX / VÚB brands among cardholders and with retailers to achieve a competitive advantage on the credit card market.



  • Only high quality offers/discounts to be made available
  • Offer discounts of 10% and higher and guarantee privileges – offers are only valid for American Express cardholders
  • Select retailers conscientiously and in a targeted manner and define attractive offers – to guarantee the uniqueness of offers
  • Improve the quality of services offered to AMEX cardholders
  • Make a large number of discounts available while securing their quality, up-to-date nature and attractiveness



  • Increased the number of transactions
  • Increased cardholder loyalty