ZUNO, a new direct bank. A model of a direct bank under the supervision of its “traditional mother” already exists in several countries. ZUNO BANK is being introduced to Central and Eastern Europe by the strong and stable banking group, Raiffeisen Bank International.

What makes ZUNO different? It is open and direct. They do not use any banking language. You do not need to go anywhere if you need to arrange something. Less bank, more life. That’s ZUNO.



To support clients paying by ZUNO card and to create a unique programme of discounts and benefits for them.od.



  • definition of a pilot project in one of the regions within the SR
  • offering the current OFFKARTA acceptance network in the given region
  • preparation and production of advertising materials
  • rebranding selected operations
  • active acquisition of businesses in accordance with pre-defined criteria



  • commencement of the project in the first quarter of 2013